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This website is made by Peter Martin from Nijmegen (Netherlands, Europe). 


Peter has been active as an entrepreneur for years.

db8 - Joomla Specialist

In 2005 Peter started his own company He creates websites and programs web applications for companies and organisations. He also provides website support (content and technical) and gives online marketing advice. - AVG Tool

From May 2018, the European AVG privacy legislation will be complied with. In order to make it easier for organisations to set up an AVG processing register, as co-founder of he has developed online software for this purpose.


Peter is also active as a volunteer in various initiatives. 

International Joomla Community

Joomla is a popular open source software package for building dynamic websites. It is supported by volunteers from all over the world.
Peter is active:

  • 2006 - now - Global Moderator Joomla Forum
  • 2006 - now - Speaker at (inter)national Joomla congresses
  • 2013 - now - Software development (patches) for Joomla CMS

Peter was active:

  • 2009 - 2014 - Community Leadership Team (CLT)
  • 2015 - 2019 - Pizza Bugs & Fun in NL, an event to fix errors in Joomla CMS.
  • 2016 + 2017 - Google Summer of Code (GSOC) mentor
  • 2017 - Operations Department Coordinator
  • 2017 - Joomla Board of Directors

Open Coffee Nijmegen

Open Coffee is an initiative that originated in London (England) to bring entrepreneurs who communicated with each other via social media together in real life. In 2009 Peter started Open Coffee Nijmegen. At the monthly networking event, entrepreneurs from all kinds of sectors meet other inspiring entrepreneurs over a cup of coffee (or tea). Since 2019 they have been working with themes in which some entrepreneurs are invited as experts to inform others about those themes.

Linux User Group Nijmegen

In 2012 Peter started a Linux User Group to exchange knowledge about the operating system. He co-organises the monthly meetings. Every month one or two Linux-oriented topics are discussed.

Joomla User Group Arnhem/Nijmegen

In 2018 Peter became co-organiser of a Joomla User Group. One month there is a meeting in Arnhem, the other month in Nijmegen. Peter organises the Nijmegen meetings.

Open Source Software 

Peter loves the freedom and possibilities that open source software offers users. And to the possibility of freely sharing knowledge that is only possible within open source communities. 

You can only use closed source software after agreeing to the conditions drawn up by the manufacturer. These conditions differ per manufacturer and software package. The conditions protect the manufacturer but restrict the user's freedom. With open source software, the conditions are intended to protect the user. There are also a number of frequently used licences (e.g. GPL, MIT, BSD) so that the user does not have to read new conditions over and over again.

With open source software you are not dependent on a manufacturer. If you don't like the cooperation, you can call in another party. The source code of the software is open and can/may be modified.

Open source software makes it possible to develop software faster. Software developers can use other open source libraries in their projects and build on them. It is also often easier to share improvements with the creators, who can then include them in future versions.

In principle Peter only uses open source software. The only exception is an IDE (development environment) in which he programs his software. Unfortunately, this is closed source software, but it offers so much functionality that he has made this exception.

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